Our Doublebass player Antoine Guiot

Here our Doublebass player Antoine Guiot playing at the Le Le Grand Bal d’Italie 2016 at Cercle Royal Gaulois. Photo from Roger Vantilt. Get ready for this year, see you the 14/10/17 at Le Grand Bal d’Italie 2017 !

Our Russel Crowe, Our drums machine!

He is not a Roman Gladiator 🤺, but he is an incredible drummer 🥁. Our drum machine: Lucas Vanderputten. In these pictures, taken by 📸 Roger Vantilt, he’s playing at the Le Grand Bal d’Italie 2016 on his high stage

Nearly all the elements of the OIB: Fabrizio Pucci

One by one you saw nearly all the elements of the OIB. Here our Trombone Player Fabrizio Pucci​ playing chess in the backstage of the Le Grand Bal d’Italie​ 2016 and on the second picture taking solo over Rosalina. This

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